About EFT

EFT Tapping-Points-Diagram

The Basic Recipe

  • Identify a Problem (often an intense feeling)
  • Rate the feeling from 0 to 10 for intensity (if 10 were the biggest you can imagine)
  • Setup – while tapping on the ‘karate chop’ point say the setup statement 3 times (point on side of the hand where you would karate chop wood)
  • Tap on the 8 points of the face and body while saying the reminder phrase
  • Take a deep breath
  • Re-rate the intensity
  • Repeat the tapping round until intensity rating is a 1 or 0
  • The more direct and truthful you can be, the more profound the change you will experience
  • The ‘setup statement’ is an acknowledgement of the feeling or thought you want to change, followed by an acceptance of this – The formula tends to be – Even though I ………… I accept myself

e.g. “Even though I am afraid to go to that interview, I completely accept these feelings”

  • Points are stimulated by tapping on them with 2 fingers, the index and middle fingers
  • The strength of tapping should be comfortable
  • Tap on each spot approximately 7 to 10 times before moving on to the next spot.

The Generalization Effect

After you address a few related problems with EFT, the process starts to generalize over all those problems. For example, someone who has 100 traumatic memories of being abused usually finds that after using EFT…they all vanish after neutralizing only 5 to 10 of them.

Our Issues are like Puzzles

  • There may be many pieces: BE SPECIFIC
  • Each piece may have several sides: called ASPECTS
  • Some are more critical to completing the picture: called CORE ISSUES
  • When some parts are put together the rest fall into place: called GENERALIZATION

These are the Aspects that Might Appear:

  • Feelings
  • Events
  • Beliefs
  • Body Sensations
  • Combinations of the above
  • Two Shifting Aspects: changing scene & new emotion on the same scene
  • Blocking or Limiting Beliefs

Research on EFT

EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals. See www.eftuniverse.com for more information and http://works.bepress.com/peta_stapleton/ for Dr Stapleton’s work.