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  • Does it matter which hand? NO
  • Can I switch hands while tapping? YES
  • Can I tap with both hands? YES
  • How many taps on each spot? 7 is most common but sometimes more is better
  • Is the SETUP essential? Not always, but necessary in cases of “Psychological Reversal” (where there is a secondary gain from keeping your problem)
  • Will EFT take away natural (and healthy) emotional responses to situations? NO
  • How long do treatment results last? As long as people want them too. Untreated aspects can make it appear like it “comes back.” Keep tapping!
  • Does the treatment need to be repeated? Sometimes if there’s a different aspect, but it’s often less intense and if it worked once, it usually works with the “new” aspect.
  • Can you use alternate taps like in EMDR? YES
  • Do I have to believe in the treatment for it to work? NO – it still appears to work (sometimes it is worth doing some tapping on ‘not believing’ it will work, or worry that it won’t work for YOU)
  • So do I use the same EFT process for every issue? YES, just modify the set up phrases for each issue.
  • Can you tap on the positive? YES – best done after you have cleared the negative
  • Do you have to say it out loud? NO, but it might have more power and work faster!
  • Why tap with a negative phrase? The negative phrase is truth of your feeling. EFT works with what really is, not what we wish it to be.